5 Things To Look For Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

If you even find yourself caught in the cross hairs of trouble or are wrongly accused of something, you should hire a criminal lawyer to ensure that you get out of it. Usually, people make the mistake of representing themselves which in most cases, doesn’t turn out well. It is always advisable that you hire a professional who knows what he’s doing, since you can’t take a chance on something like this. Here are 5 things you need to look for before hiring criminal lawyers parramatta;

Specialized knowledge

Criminal law is a specialized field and not just any lawyer can fill in the shoes of a specialized profession. Make sure the lawyer you hire is a professional and has experience and knowledge in his arsenal. It would be ideal if he has dealt with similar cases before so he knows what hurdles he has to cross and is not blind sided. You need a strong professional in your court who is prepared and has the knowledge and experience to turn the tables around in unfavorable conditions.

Strategic thinking

Cases like these can get tricky. So it’s important your criminal lawyer possesses a strategic mind and can dig his way out of tough situations. Your criminal lawyer is your representative in court and has to be vigilant and strategic in real-time as well as bank on research. So make sure you assess their abilities and choose well before hiring them!


To be a good criminal lawyer, he has to have his research done. A lot of cases are lost and won based on similar precedents but the difference sometimes can be lack of awareness or knowledge. Your lawyer needs to cover all fronts and have all the appropriate research necessary to win you the case!


Criminal law cases can sometimes drag out for years and it’s important that the criminal lawyer you hire has the resilience and the reserve to carry it through to the end. He should possess commendable patience and drive so no matter what it takes, he stays committed and invested in the case in order for you to win it!


Before you hire a criminal lawyer, you need to have an understanding of how you’re going to be billed. You don’t want to be knee deep in debt after you’re done with the case just because you didn’t have a clear understanding or arrangement between yourself and the lawyer. Consider the costs, think about your affordability and then choose wisely!